Experimental and Design Bureau (OKB) Fifth Generation

OKB Fifth Generation designs ultra-small space vehicles and is engaged in space instrumentation engineering since 2013, the company is based at the Technopark in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok
November 19 2013
OKB Fifth Generation was founded
OKB received a license from Roscosmos and signed a contract with NPO Lavochkin for design of Spektr-UV and Luna-26 projects
OKB and Novosibirsk State University established a laboratory for small spacecrafts
September 29 2020
The joint efforts of the laboratories resulted in successful launch of the first «Norby-1» spacecraft, the CubeSat 6U form factor
We celebrated the first year in orbit and performed successful M2M tests
We performed the first software flashing in orbit
OKB manufactured and delivered to Altair Education Centre 8 packages of 1U and 3U spacecrafts
We set up communication station in Novosibirsk.
«Norby-1» made the first photo
We spent he second year in orbit and set up communication stations in «Podolsk» and «Dudinka»
We successfully launched «Norby-2» and set up communication station in «Zvenigorod»
Areas of activity
Design of small spacecraft
Design, creation, launch and operation of high-tech small spacecraft in orbit. Adaptation of small spacecraft to the needs of the customer.
Space instrumentation engineering
Full cycle from development to preparation for launch of various types of on-board satellite equipment, including control units, orientation and stabilization devices, controllers for performing various tasks in the areas of telemetry, power management, etc.
Chip design
Design of radiation-resistant and integrated circuits for space and special purposes.
Full-cycle production
Full-cycle production at Novosibirsk Akademgorodok
As of today, with the efforts of our employees and partners in Akademgorodok, we efficiently handle tasks of almost any complexity (both in technical and scientific domains) without the need for additional resources
Production with the use of modern equipment
We are actively involved in the development of the Shared Facilities Center of the Technopark. Currently, it is a large technological complex with modern equipment
Testing in the laboratory
Our programs and laboratory testing methodologies have been repeatedly implemented in a wide range of projects. Our laboratory is accredited by Roscosmos and is fully equipped for conducting ground tests of both onboard and satellite systems
Our team
Our team consists of over 30 people. All of them are graduates of leading technical universities, including NSU, NSTU, SRISA/NIISI RAS, MIPT, MAI
Our employees have extensive experience in developing onboard satellite equipment, analog, analog-to-digital, and interface IC chips for the aerospace industry
We have completed more than 20 contracts, and our customer network includes top customers such as:
Lavochkin Research and Production Association
The State Corporation for Space Activities "Roscosmos"
Novosibirsk State University
Information satellite systems named after Academician M. F. Reshetnev
S. P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia