Small spacecrafts

For the development of small spacecraft, we offer our own Cleon space platform, which includes all the necessary subsystems for creating a reliable space mission.

Cleon I

Cleon I is the first generation of CubeSat platform, having extensive flight heritage, a high degree of reliability, and scalability ranging from 1U to 16U.

Attitude Determination and Control System

ACDS provides pointing accuracy and stability of the spacecraft. It collects data from the magnetometers and the angular rate sensor unit. It also features an integrated GLONASS module for orbit parameter determination.

Radio and onboard computer

Integrated radio and onboard computer circuit ensures ergonomic efficiency and reliability in working with the subsystems and communication provision.

Solar panels

OKB Fifth Generation has the capability to develop solar panels tailored to the specific requirements of different CubeSat missions.

CubeSat chassis

CubeSat chassis is a supporting frame within which the subsystems of the spacecraft are housed. Additionally, the chassis is used for integration with the launch container.

Electrical Power System

EPS tracks spacecraft deployment from the launch container and deploys key subsystems such as antennas and solar panels.

Payload interface module

This subsystem ensures effective synchronization with the satellite payload, serving for data monitoring and control management

Sun and horizon sensor

This subsystem aids in orientation and stabilization of the satellite, ensuring the correct alignment of solar panels for maximum solar energy reception or controlling other devices dependent on spatial navigation